Back Up Your QuickBooks Files and Other Critical Data.

You can protect your most important business data at an offsite location using Intuit Data Protect, the only online backup solution that fully integrates with QuickBooks.

For QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise customers, Intuit Data Protect is included in your Enterprise subscription or Full Service Plan. Back up your whole PC or your server,1 including QuickBooks data for multiple companies.

Intuit Data Protect automatically backs up your critical data to an online location every day. You'll have peace of mind knowing your business is prepared for the unexpected.


Easy and automatic

  • Set up once, and your data is backed up automatically every day
  • Backups happen quietly in the background so you can keep working without interruption

You're in control

  • Choose what to backup — monitor and change the files you want to backup
  • QuickBooks shows you the status of your latest backup and notifies you if your data isn't fully protected

Confidence your business is fully protected

  • 24/7 online protection of your critical company information
  • Your data is encrypted2 and stored on our servers, ready for easy restoration if you need it

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