Case Studies1

The majority of upgraders to QuickBooks Enterprise have grown revenue since moving to Enterprise.2

“We're saving a lot of time with QuickBooks Enterprise, and at the same time, we're getting more accurate information on our on-hand inventory, our inventory needs, our product locations, our exact costs, and our sales.”

Siva Shanmugam,
Director of Finance

Xenex Healthcare Solutions

  • Industry: Manufacturer/Wholesale
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Online

Xenex Healthcare Systems has created an ingenious device that quickly disinfects hospital rooms using pulse xenon ultraviolet light. With QuickBooks Enterprise, Xenex:

  • Grew revenue significantly without adding new supply chain/financials staff
  • Reduced time spent managing inventory by several hours per week
  • Reduced time spent on order placement by 75%
  • Improved operations with access to accurate, real-time information

R&R Solar Supply

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Pro

Hawaiian manufacturer R&R Solar Supply uses QuickBooks Enterprise to manage its complex inventory needs. A 10 year QuickBooks veteran, R&R Solar Supply uses the Advanced Inventory features to manage its parts and assembly process. The company also subscribes to the Full Service Plan for its additional benefits.

“Nothing we've seen is as good as QuickBooks or does what we need for our business.”

Aaron Langhoff, Vice President of Purchasing & Product Development

“QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service takes away the fear of a computer crashing when we need to access our data.”

Mike Ealley,

GSO Printing

  • Industry: Professional Services
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Enterprise (without Hosting Service)

GSO Printing is a North Carolina design, print and mail firm that moved to the QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service for extra piece of mind, security and convenience.

Business Environmental Systems Testing

  • Industry: General Services
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Pro

Business Environmental Systems Testing (BEST) is managing their business on a 1 user license of QuickBooks Enterprise. Formerly using QuickBooks Pro, BEST finds value in QuickBooks Enterprise' job costing, budget management and reporting capabilities.

“QBES has been incredibly valuable for us with its job-costing capabilities, allowing us to keep track of staff hours and the mileage involved for each job.”

Debbie Joyner,
Office Manager

“The hosting service is phenomenal. It lets me do a lot more than I used to. This has been a godsend. And my accountant can just log in from his office once a month.”

Joseph Hansen,

Boiler Pros

  • Industry: General Services
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Enterprise (without Hosting Service)

Boiler Pros of Chicago has been on QuickBooks since 1999. The company recently added the QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service and now, getting work done remotely is more efficient and saves time.

Simplified Computers

  • Industry: Technology
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Pro

Simplified Computers, an IT and computer repair services in Central Illinois, uses their QuickBooks Enterprise 10 user license to manage every aspect of the company's finances. The company utilizes user permissions to control access to sensitive business data. And the payroll module saves them time and effort.

“The payroll module in QuickBooks Enterprise saves me so much time and work.”

Amber Ooms,

“We upgraded to QuickBooks Enterprise because of the Advanced Pricing option.”

Jennifer Vogel,
Vice President and COO

Ethnotek Bags

  • Industry: Manufacturing & Retail
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Pro

Ethnotek Bags manufactures and sells unique messenger bags and backpacks with handmade textiles from around the world. The company uses Advanced Inventory to manage inventory in multiple locations and Advanced Pricing to manage different pricing levels and timing rules.

French Broad Food Co-op

  • Industry: Non Profit Retail
  • Previous Software: None

French Broad Food Co-Op , is a nonprofit grocery store in North Carolina. The company takes advantage of the Full Service Plan and uses the payroll module to save hours of time. A long time QuickBooks user of around 15 years, Sage Turner appreciates the adaptability of QuickBooks Enterprise.

“Enterprise is adaptable no matter what size or type of business you have.”

Sage Turner,
Finance & Project Manager

“Anything that goes through the business goes into QuickBooks. ”

Suzanne Woolum,
Office Manager

Residential DryWall

  • Industry: Contractor
  • Previous Software: Peachtree

Residential Drywall is a Georgia drywall company that uses the QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor edition to manage its business. A one user license to Enterprise allows the office manager to keep the business running efficiently. The company customized its P&L to better manage each construction job.


  • Industry: Automotive
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Premier

Saleen Automotive, a high-performance automaker in Southern California, is using QuickBooks Enterprise as their core general ledger and uses other QuickBooks products for specific activities, like point of sale or payroll. Every department at Saleen uses their Enterprise 30 user license.

“I'm heavily relying on QuickBooks to grow with the company.”

David Fiene,

“QuickBooks Enterprise allows us to track how much time we've spent at jobs, in terms of billable versus non-billable hours, as well as tracking materials bought from our distributors and subcontractors.”

Steve L'Estrange,
Project Manager

Wilkinson Preservation

  • Industry: Contractor
  • Previous Software: None

Wilkinson Preservation, a home remodeling company, uses the contractor edition of QuickBooks Enterprise for job costing, estimating, invoicing, and reporting.

Robert Cohen Co.

  • Industry: Contractor
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Pro

Robert Cohen Co. (aka SportSurfaces Distributing, Inc.) installs and sells athletic surfaces for customer all over the US. After moving to QuickBooks Enterprise, the company experienced:

  • A total cost of system that was significantly less than competitive product
  • Accurate job costs to help ensure continued profitability
  • Reduced time spent for reporting requirements
  • Better data security with user permissions

“Transferring from QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise was dead easy. I didn't have to run any systems in parallel — I just transferred it right over and started working in the new system.”

Linda Jones,

“I have yet to find a report that I can't do in QuickBooks Enterprise. And I've tried. There's much more flexibility in QuickBooks Enterprise for reporting than there is in QuickBooks Premier.”

Stephan Friedt,
Office Administrator

Greenbelt Land Trust

  • Industry: Non Profit
  • Previous Software: QuickBooks Premier

Greenbelt Land Trust is a nonprofit that is working to preserve over 1,800 acres of green space in Northwest Oregon. As their organization grew, Greenbelt Land Trust moved to QuickBooks Enterprise and experienced:

  • A smooth transition from QuickBooks Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Greater reporting capabilities for grant, board, and IRS reports
  • An improved ability to track information by department, project, grant, or expense
  • Flexibility to grow as Greenbelt Land Trust tripled staff

By Nature Gallery

  • Industry: Retail
  • Previous Software: No prior software

By Nature Gallery is a unique retailer that sells minerals, petrified wood and other fossils in Colorado and Wyoming. In moving to QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale, the retailer experienced:

  • The ability to do as much with QuickBooks Enterprise as he used to with $100,000+ retail solution
  • Getting invaluable, real-time information on inventory for trade show purchases
  • Dramatically reduced time to enter inventory data
  • Better controls, especially for high-cost, capital-intensive inventory

“QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale is a highly affordable solution that does as much as we did with the $100,000 retail system we used at my previous business. You simply can't afford not to have it.”

Rick Rolater,