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— the Importance of Scheduling

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Improved Scheduling Can Increase
Profits and Efficiency

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*All Enterprise subscriptions come with one user of Intuit Field Service Management ES. Incremental fees apply to adding more uses.

Scheduling is one of the most time consuming, yet important tasks a field service business needs to handle efficiently. Customers want to know when technicians will reach them. Efficient scheduling practices lead to happy customers. Their repeat business and referrals are your most reliable revenue streams. And keeping your team members as productive as possible, both in the field and in the office, is key to your profitability.

Intuit Field Service Management ES offers work order scheduling software that grows with your business*. Whether scheduling a few technicians or a whole service team, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can help you satisfy customers. Know where technicians are and when appointments are completed, using GPS1 and real time scheduling to optimize your service schedules. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise scheduling software can even reduce AR expenses while speeding up payments because technicians can receive payment at the time of service.

"On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times
as much as their first purchase"

-White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Improved Scheduling Can Increase
Profits and Efficiency

QuickBooks Job Scheduling
See All, Know All

Dispatchers have access to instant information concerning each technician's current job, the status of each job, time on job, and number of hours worked in total. QuickBooks job scheduling software even lets dispatchers open work orders to fully understand each job and update work orders in real time saving technicians from returning to a job because of an incomplete work order.

QuickBooks Job Scheduling
Increase Billable Hours
While Reducing Down Time

Use QuickBooks service scheduling software to streamline time sensitive communications to increase time on site and reduce travel time. Keep work orders up to date in the field with real time scheduling changes and additions.

QuickBooks Job Scheduling
Efficient Scheduling with
GPS and Mapping

Visualize proximity of technicians to worksites using Google Maps and GPS technology on your technician's Apple or Android phone or tablet. Match the closest technician to each job when reassigning work orders. QuickBooks work order scheduling software minimizes downtime while maximizing customer satisfaction.

QuickBooks Job Scheduling
Improve First-Time
Fix Rates With Equipment
Service Data

Improve first-time fix rates by accessing historical data. Store important information about each customer's equipment and special situations so technicians can arrive with the correct parts and tools to complete their work quickly and accurately. Reduce time and costs spent interrupting jobs to gather a crucial part. Increase customer satisfaction by completing jobs with the correct parts on hand the first time.

QuickBooks Job Scheduling
Instant Rescheduling for
Changed Appointments

No more calls from angry customers when a technician runs late. Intuit Field Service Management ES is a powerful resource allowing dispatchers to monitor not only the location, but also the status of each technician's work order in the field. The ability to visualize the physical location of employees and jobs, coupled with work order status, makes rescheduling technicians a breeze. Just drag and drop work orders to available technicians in the area. Meet customer schedules and avoid angry calls.

To help transition to Enterprise, your Enterprise subscription comes with one user of Intuit Field Service Management ES.

QuickBooks Job Scheduling
Access from your
Device of Choice

Intuit Field Service Management ES is a software as subscription (SaaS) platform, allowing access from a variety of devices. Log on from desktop or mobile device with relative ease and manage your team on the go when necessary.

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