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QuickBooks Enterprise
Solutions 14.0

A whole new level of flexibility, with the
familiar QuickBooks look and feel.

Getting started with QuickBooks Enterprise

You can now get all of the flexibility of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions starting at one user.

Users Pricing1
1 user $999.95
2 users $1,675
3 users $2,250
4 users $2,825
5 users $3,400
6 users $3,950
7 users $4,425
8 users $4,900
9 users $5,375
10 users $5,850
Up to 30 users $9,300

Prices shown include a one year membership to the Full Service Plan, entitling you to exclusive benefits such as US-based customer support2, the latest product upgrades3, online backup storage4, and more.

Get additional Licenses: If you would like to explore additional user options, renew your Full Service Plan or get additional licenses, please call (866) 379-6635.

Exclusive Add-Ons

Exclusive Add-On tools work right inside your QuickBooks to help the software work harder for you.

Advanced Inventory Add-On5 $999 per year
Advanced Pricing Add-On6 $399 per year

Hosting Service

Run your Enterprise Solutions from the cloud with our monthly Hosting Service.

Hosting Service Add-On8 $54.99 per user per month

Get Paid Faster

Save time and get paid faster with QuickBooks Payments. QuickBooks auto-updates invoices and your books when you get paid. Less mistakes, less work, and less worry. You may qualify for Preferred Rates on QuickBooks Payments with your active Full Service Plan. Swipe rates starting at 1.6%, with $0 monthly fee.9 Learn more.

Renew your Full Service Plan and reap great benefits

Your initial purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions includes a one year membership to the Full Service Plan. After the first year, you can renew your Full Service Plan annually to remain active and ensure uninterrupted access to plan benefits: exclusive access to our U.S.-based team of experts with deep QuickBooks technical and product knowledge2, automatic product updates3, data recovery services10, online backup storage4 and more.

Users Renewal Price5
1 user $950
2 users $1,500
3 users $1,750
4 users $2,000
5 users $2,250
6 users $2,500
7 users $2,750
8 users $3,000
9 users $3,250
10 users $3,500
30 users $5,500
Advanced Inventory Add-On6 $999
Advanced Pricing Add-On7 $399

The renewal prices above are for purchases on and after June 12, 2014. If you purchased prior to June 12, 2014, please call (800) 300-8179 for your Full Service Plan pricing. If your  Full Service Plan membership is expired or is about to expire, please call (800) 300-8179 to speak with a customer service representative.