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What your Enterprise in the cloud can do for you?

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions brings the power of "cloud computing" down to earth, giving your staff simple, protected access to your QuickBooks data and workflows wherever and whenever they need it.1 Best of all, it requires no installation or maintenance, training, new equipment, IT capital investment, or even a long-term commitment.2 It even includes setup support and upgrades! And if you change your mind later, your software and data can go right back to your desktop because they belong to you.3

No matter where you go or how big or fast your company may grow, your critical business data is as close as the nearest Internet connection, yet as protected as your online banking account.4

Boost collaboration

  • Collaborate across the desk or continent

    Work with your in-house staff, accountant, and remote partners as if they were all sitting beside you.5 Transaction updates are "pushed" to all users the instant they post - no refresh needed. That means everyone from your field staff to your accountant has access to the latest, most up-to-date information. There's no need to copy, distribute and re-merge multiple company files, and no worries about using old data.

    Your hosting account comes with an additional 1GB of protected storage for sharing miscellaneous company files, such as templates, pricing charts, procedural checklists, and more.

    You can lease access to other popular business applications directly from Right Networks®; for an additional fee and access them through the Enterprise Solutions Hosting Service at no extra charge.6

  • Accurate information for everyone, anywhere, anytime

    Unleash the full potential of your business by giving your staff access to reliable business data and powerful Enterprise Solutions features anytime and anywhere they need it - at the main office, field offices, warehouse, retail locations, customer sites, home, and anywhere in between.1

  • Work with Windows, Mac, Linux

    PC, Mac, Linux - everyone works together without compatibility issues because using Enterprise Solutions Hosting Service is just like using a Web browser.7 In fact, you can access it through your Internet Explorer Web browser, but it's also available through a small software client that can be easily downloaded to any computer you happen to be using.8

  • Empower your customers and free your staff

    Offer your best customers view-only access to their account information with a "client-only" account, and let them check their own balance, payments and statements without placing demands on your staff.9


Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Forget IT maintenance

  • Go desktop-to-nonstop in 10 minutes or less

    Move your local data to the cloud and get your staff back to work in 10 minutes or less from sign-on to sign-in.10 Setup is simple, and US-based customer support is included at no additional charge.

  • Forget maintenance costs and disruptions

    Installing and troubleshooting software updates and upgrades is disruptive to your business and costs you money. With Enterprise Solutions Hosting Service, maintenance updates are transparent to users and upgrades painless. Upgrades are performed "behind the scenes" with no disruption of service. New features simply appear on the desktop, ready to use, with colorful pointers that help your staff discover them.

  • Banking-level reliability and protection

    As a leading host of applications for small business accounting firms, Right Networks' high-availability servers are designed for 24/7 availability.11 Transmissions and backups are protected by firewalls and the same encryption and multi-layer access controls used in online banking.4

  • No new learning or training required

    The hosted version of Enterprise Solutions looks and works exactly like the desktop version you're familiar with, so your staff can hit the ground running. As your business grows, you can continue to hire the best talent from among millions of qualified QuickBooks users, and they can start with no special training.

  • Freedom to choose and change

    Your Enterprise Solutions license entitles you to the packaged software and freedom to choose between in-house installation or cloud hosting. If this is your first QuickBooks license, cloud hosting can help you get going fast while conserving capital. If your business gets to a point where managing your own network makes sense, just install your QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software locally and download your data - everything belongs to you.


Expertly Maintained While You Work

Say good-bye to equipment/IT startup costs

  • Zero startup costs or long-term commitment

    Why spend an average of $25,000 to $75,00012 on server hardware and software that needs to be configured, updated and eventually replaced? Or on local networks and VPNs to connect users? Or on IT services without end?5 With our hosted solution, you pay just $54.99 per user per month. That's it. There are no up-front hardware expenses, no IT costs, no long-term commitment...and Enterprise Solutions updates, upgrades and tech support are included!

  • Scale up or down painlessly

    Access over the Internet means you can add staff during busy periods and cut back to manage cash flow with no change in performance. Just buy additional seat licenses and switch out users as needed.13

  • It's ready now...just upload your data and go

    You can start using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Hosting Service today. Just verify your license, upload your QuickBooks data or set up a new company, and you're ready to roll. If at any time you decide it's not for you, you can cancel the service and take your software and data back to your desktop.14

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