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Barcode Scanning Software can save time through increased efficiency by helping:

  • Reduce incorrect unit counts, mismatched SKUs and other human errors
  • Shrink labor costs by reducing training hours and automating the counting process
  • Lower carrying costs by knowing which products move and which don't
  • Make better business decisions by having reliable, real-time inventory data

"Forty-six percent of SMBs do not use any kind
of barcode inventory system"

-The 2015 State of Small Business Report1

Barcode Software Helps Reduce
Common Inventory Errors

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Advanced Inventory2 makes barcode inventory management accessible to businesses of all types and sizes. Incorrect unit counts, mismatched SKUs and improper cutoffs are just a few common inventory errors that cost companies millions in profits every year.

Advanced Inventory contains barcode inventory management features that incorporate pre-existing barcodes or generates new ones for you. The software is compatible with virtually any USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner3 that supports EAN-13 or Code-128 barcodes.

The barcode scanning software is completely integrated with QuickBooks to simplify your inventory tracking needs. It automatically fills fields with the correct information when barcodes are scanned. The barcodes' versatility makes data collection a cinch, be it product and equipment inventory, or shipment tracking.

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