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Delivering Ease and Value Across the Globe

For years, Intuit has provided industry-leading business and financial management products and services for businesses based both inside the U.S. and around the world. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has great features to help companies that operate internationally manage their business even better:

  • Multi-currency capabilities that let you apply, calculate, and accept non-U.S. currencies automatically on transactions such as sales orders, invoices and purchase orders
  • Connect to our international payment service right from QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, making it easy for your business to process wire transfers and drafts in virtually any currency35
  • Capacity to support large numbers up to 99,000,000,000 — helpful when working with currencies such as the Japanese Yen
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can be run on any computer anywhere in the world (see: system requirements). The client application for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise runs on Windows, while the database server can be run on either a Windows or a Linux operating system — helping you better meet the needs of your business' IT environment

This is of course in addition to the long-standing ease of use and comprehensive business management functionality that Intuit and QuickBooks are known for worldwide.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise also works seamlessly with our Advanced Inventory and Field Service Management ES to solve your more complex business needs. For more information about these Add-On products, contact an QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise specialist.

NOTE: Currently, integrated payroll processing, credit card processing, online banking and certain third-party applications are not available to customers outside the United States. For more information about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise features, click here, or contact an QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise specialist.

How We Support You

We are committed to providing high quality support to all our customers, no matter their location. For our international customers, we offer three convenient support options as part of your Full Service Plan, included for one year with your purchase of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise:

  • Check out our extensive knowledge base at the QuickBooks Support Website
  • Get help and advice from other users and experts at our Live Community Forums
  • Call us directly at 00-1-520-901-2670 on weekdays from 4 am to 7 pm Pacific time, or 11 am to 2 am GMT/UTC/Zulu time — when prompted, first press 2 for QuickBooks, then press 4 for technical assistance

Please note that currently we do not offer technical support via email correspondence or outbound calls from our agents.

Two Ways to Try

There are two ways you can try QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for free to decide if it is right for your business: Try it now online or download a copy of our free evaluation software.

Try It Now Online
  • No software to install
  • Fully functional using sample data45
Download Free Evaluation Software
  • Fully functional download45
  • Enter and use your own real data
  • Free for 30 days — after which you may purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and receive a license & product number to unlock your trial for continued use.

For help with installing and setting up your downloaded software, click here.

How to Buy

You can purchase QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise by credit card or by wire transfer. Contact an QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise specialist. Intuit will ship QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to you anywhere around the world, with purchase.