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Better work, less time.

Nonprofit organizations can save time and work smarter with QuickBooks Enterprise. It includes the features and functionality of QuickBooks and has features designed for nonprofit organizations.

Work at peak efficiency with time-saving tools.

QuickBooks Enterprise nonprofit software includes time-saving features specific to nonprofits. Between 1 and 30 users2 can work simultaneously; there’s no need to wait for access. Work in two company files at once, and easily combine reports from multiple files.3

Safeguard confidential donor data.

Set individual user permission for more than 115 different activities, and easily fine-tune access permissions, giving employees access only to the information they need.

Exceptional capacity for donor lists.

Store hundreds of thousands of donors, vendors, and items, growing your lists without compromising processing time. QuickBooks Enterprise has over six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product.4

New! Advanced Reporting5

Discover untapped insights into how your business is running with our new Advanced Reporting. Access all your QuickBooks data to build any report you need.6

Technical expertise not required.

You don't have to be an accounting software expert to make QuickBooks Enterprise run smoothly for you. Your subscription to QuickBooks Enterprise includes access to U.S.-based product experts to help you all along the way.7,8

Special features for nonprofit organizations

In addition to including language like donors and pledge forms in QuickBooks’ standard customers and invoices, QuickBooks Enterprise has these special attributes for nonprofits:

Microsoft Integration

Use prepared letters made with Microsoft® Word templates; QuickBooks pre-populates the letters with your data, so no retyping is required.

Customization Options

Using built-in templates, format reports and donor forms the way you want. You can customize fields and add your logo and mission statement.

The Donor Center


Nonprofit Chart of Accounts

The Nonprofit Chart of Accounts incorporates the Unified Chart of Accounts, so you can easily and reliably transfer data directly into IRS forms.

Special reports

Keep your Board and the IRS up to date effortlessly. The information you need to manage donors, fundraising campaigns, and employees is at your fingertips.

Budget by Programs

See specific budget items compared to actuals by program or project.

Statement of Financial Income & Expense

View how much money came in and how it was spent.

Statement of Functional Expenses-990

Identify expenses to report on IRS Form 990.

Donors & Grants

See contributions by each donor or grant.

Biggest Donors

Keep track of your largest donors and grants all in one report.

Statement of Financial Position

View your balance sheet today and compare it to last year.

Real business. Real stories.

Download this case study and learn how QuickBooks Enterprise has helped other nonprofits flourish.

Greenbelt Land Trust worked with QuickBooks Premier for Nonprofits, but ran into limitations as they grew. They experienced a smooth transition to QuickBooks Enterprise and have benefited from greater reporting capabilities, improved tracking, and increased flexibility as they continued to grow.

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