Peace of mind comes with your Enterprise subscription.

Your QuickBooks Enterprise subscription1,2 gives you exclusive access to valuable benefits that extend well beyond your software, from the resources offered on this website to the best support experience QuickBooks offers. Learn about all of your benefits below.

  • Benefits Advice

    Enhance. Get the most out of QuickBooks Enterprise by tailoring your software to suit the unique needs of your business and by expanding your knowledge. Our U.S.-based product experts are standing by to guide you.

    Need help setting up customized reports, managing inventory or reconciling bank accounts? We're here for you. Improve your QuickBooks Enterprise savvy with exclusive access to our U.S.-based team of specialists. They know Enterprise inside and out, and you can take advantage of their expertise as often as you like. To get answers to your “how do I…?” questions, call 866-340-7237 from 4 AM-7 PM (PST) Monday-Friday. Follow our easy to use voice automated system to get you to an Enterprise expert for assistance.4

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  • Benefits Calls

    Relax. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can get help with installation and other systems-related questions from our U.S.-based technical support team.

    Questions about installation or network configuration? Get the help you need when you need it by calling our US-based technical support team. Call whenever you need help with data conversion or have other technical questions concerning your software. To speak with a support representative, call 866-340-7237, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or click here for additional options.5

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  • Benefits Upgrades

    Evolve. Make sure your business keeps pace with our latest product advances. Your subscription gives you access to the newest versions of QuickBooks Enterprise as soon as they're released.6 Simply click on the Download link to get your updates.

    We make it easy to work more efficiently by giving you access to the most recent product versions and enhancements. Visit the Everything Enterprise website often to see what's new; download the latest updates to be more productive and streamline your business management tasks. Get the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise here.

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  • Benefits Backup

    Breathe. Back up and store your QuickBooks Enterprise files and other important business information. QuickBooks-integrated online data backup and restore service allows you to easily retrieve your data whenever you need it.7

    Stop worrying about losing important data. With QuickBooks-integrated online data backup and restore service your important business data is stored off-site in a private, encrypted format on our servers. You can conveniently access up to 45 days worth of backups at any time. It's an extra layer of protection for your company's most important data. To set up your online backup, click here.

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  • Benefits Recovery

    Restore. If you encounter problems with your QuickBooks Enterprise data file, our team is at your service to provide assistance with data recovery.

    We’re here to help protect against problems with your QuickBooks files, recover your data if your hard disk crashes,8 and reset lost or forgotten passwords. For subscribers only, 2-day expedited service is available at no extra charge. For help with data protection, call 866-340-7237 to speak with our support team. Or help yourself with password reset.

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  • Benefits Training

    Learn. Take your QuickBooks Enterprise know-how to the next level with our step-by-step training videos. Our Everything Enterprise member website offers many detailed and informative training videos to help you and your staff extend your knowledge and advance your skills.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced QuickBooks Enterprise user, we’ve made it easy to go directly to the training topics that most interest you. From daily tasks to customized reports, you can maximize your QuickBooks Enterprise skills. Get started here.

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For renewal pricing for FSP purchases on June 11, 2014 or earlier please call 800-300-8179 or visit FSP Renewal Pricing.